Premium Digital Business Card

w/ Multiple Custom Button Styles

A prestigious looking digital business card that doubles as a professional marketing page when viewed on a mobile devices.

Platform: MobiFirst

Product Details

Use as a digital business card, lead page, website, or progressive web app.

A unique layout that allows the profile image to appear on the right side of the header when viewed on PCs still having the appearance of a digital business card when viewed on mobile devices.

A logo can also be placed below in the content area. Enable an icon bar with quick connect buttons. (Not shown in the images below.)

Link your Google My Business listing to your digital business card to create a virtual handshake, a Visit My Website button can then allow them to continue on to your existing website, or add more pages to turn this template into a full blown website.

Below are some of the pages that are includes, Use any of the pages or delete those not needed. Make changes to the the pages to fit your style. Switch out images and contact to better describe your business.


Pages Included

Home Page








Pricing Grids

Buy A Domain

Category Button Pager


MobiFirst Digital Business Card Template With Profile Image On Desktop And Mobile Views.


Widgets Used In This Template

This template includes pages that use the following widgets

To take advantage of these widget features you should have these widgets enabled.


Contact Form

List Widget

RSS Feed



Icon Bar


Mobile and Desktop Squared Buttons

Buttons are created using the buttons widget and custom class name.

Squared image buttons for the MobiFirst platform.



Mobile and Desktop - Icon Buttons

Create icon buttons that display in one column on mobile and multiple columns on desktop

MobiFirst buttons made by the MobiFirst page builders button widget.



Use As A Business Card Or Marketing Page or Website

A quick solution for those who do not yet have an internet presence.
Link your Google MyBusiness listing to your digital business card for a virtual handshake!

MobiFirst digital business card shown on mobile and desktop.



MobiFirst websites are the fastest loading websites.



Mobile First Template

The MobiFirst platform runs the fastest websites, because they are build using Googles own mobile first indexing strategy. This template benefits by being mobile first and can outperform websites built on other platforms. This means better page rank in Google Search and more traffic for your website.